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My book tour of libraries is going really well and I’ve met some fabulous people.

I get asked many questions including the one, why do I write? And I tell them, I usually write because I have something to tell people.

A selection of workbooks for staff who work in social care.

I write these to give staff the knowledge on what they need to do to meet certain government standards.Workbooks

Chatty Cat: The First Six Months

I wrote this book to tell people how my rescue cat is settling in to her new home. I am now writing the second book, Chatty Cat: Spring into Summer.

Chatty Cat~full cover

Beyond My Control: Why the Health and Social Care System Need Not Have Failed My Mother

I wrote this to tell the story of how my late mother was let down by the Safeguarding team in social services, the nursing home where she lived, the hospital where my mother was admitted with two fractures and died three months later from blood poisoning, and the Commission of Social Care Inspection. All four agencies that have a paid duty of care to protect older, vulnerable people from poor practices, harm and abuse.

I also wrote the book to tell people what they could do if they were concerned about the care they or a relative/friend was receiving.

I have received many emails from readers who say that the book gave them the knowledge, strength and guidance to act upon their concerns.


Shortlisted for Book Prize…

I am delighted that ‘Beyond My Control: Why the Health and Social Care System Need Not Have Failed My Mother’ has been shortlisted for the Peoples Book Prize.

If you think my book Beyond My Control: Why the health & social care system need not have failed my mother is a worthy winner for  #THEPEOPLESB00K prize please vote at http://www.peoplesbookprize.com/section.php?id=2

Thank you.

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Welcome, Tottie Limejuice…


Please help yourself to the tea and scones, settle in your chair and tell us about your writing world.

I’m Lesley Tither, much better known as Tottie Limejuice. I’m a retired journalist/copywriter/copy editor, now a published writer.

What was the first story you wrote?

We always had to write a diary on a Monday morning at junior school. I have always loved writing so mine were sometimes very long indeed. I always had a notebook on the go full of scribbled stories. I remember one about a blackbird. My father was a newspaper editor and he also wrote. I remember writing a sequel to a short story he had written when he was young, called The Renfrew Street Ghost.

Were you inspired by someone or something?

When I was very young I met the award winning author Alan Garner. He was such a lovely and very ordinary person, always very kind to me. I loved his books, although was never interested in writing anything in the same genre, which is rather Tolkienesque, although Garner had never read Tolkien.

What do you like about writing a story?

I just love telling stories, always have done. If you got stuck next to me at a dinner party you’d not have to worry about lulls in the conversation, that’s for sure!

Can you tell us about your newest book?

I’ve recently published ‘Mother, Was It Worth It?’, the third in my Sell the Pig series, about my life in France. It’s a bit different from the average as there are no whinges about France and the French.

How did you come up with the story?

It’s easy writing non-fiction as I just write about what happens. I don’ believe in embellishing, if something isn’t amusing enough in its own right to go in the book, I would rather leave it out.

What genre best fits for the book?

Ah, the million dollar question! Some would say travel memoirs, although I personally don’t care for the word memoirs, it’s just a thing of mine. There was a really good category for it on Amazon but for some reason they moved the goalposts so that category no longer exists.

Are you working on something new at the moment?

Yes, lots! Currently revisiting two children’s books I wrote ages ago, animal adventure type stories, a bit nostalgic in a way, from the days when no one had mobile phones, certainly not children. There’s a sequel to the Sell the Pig series in the pipeline, and a very exciting collaboration with two other writers. That is something so different we may actually have to invent a new genre to classify it. In a literary spin-off, I’m also launching Tottie’s Tours in April 2015. People have expressed an interest in the beautiful Auvergne region of France since reading the Sell the Pig series so I’m running holidays where people can come and discover the region, meet me and, amongst other things, hear some of the tales which didn’t make the editor’s cut.

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

It’s hard work, and you’re very unlikely to make a fortune. Get ruthless beta readers who will tell you honestly what your work is like and don’t be offended or disheartened by their comments. With their help, you will get there in the end.

What is your writing routine?

I write a lot in my head. When I’m walking the dogs, or gardening, or whatever, my mental typewriter is usually churning away prodigiously. Luckily my memory is still good enough to hold the snippets until I get in front of my computer. Once that changes, I shall have to get a voice recorder but I am such a technophobe I may never master using it!

Do you have an editing process?

As I’ve worked as a copy editor for many years, I’m pretty ruthless. I always like to go over what I’ve written before I write fresh and I keep all drafts of everything so I can always go back to how it was first if I over-think things.

What do you enjoy the most/least about writing?

I’m a bit stubborn, I’m too old and ugly to do things I don’t like so I like all of it.

How important is it for you to share your writing?

I love sharing things I am passionate about, and I’m passionate about the Auvergne, so I love telling people about it.

Where can people go to read your work?

All of my books are on Amazon, which is probably the easiest place to find them. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tottie-Limejuice/e/B00ADQX5KS/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Where can people find you on the internet?

I’m on Facebook considerably more than I should be!

You’ll find me here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1450797141836111/

I’m also on Twitter https://twitter.com/tottielimejuice

And I have a website and Blog http://tottielimejuice.com/totties-tours-discover-beautiful-auvergne/

Is there anything else you would like to share with your readers?

I love to chat, so don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by, Tottie, it’s been great to hear your news. Suzan x

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Beyond My Control: Why the Health and Social Care System Need Not Have Failed My Mother


Is someone you care about in a care or nursing home right now? Or receiving care at home? Or in hospital? Are you confident that your loved one is getting good, compassionate care? If you have concerns, what have you felt able to do about them? With 33 years’ experience in health and social care Suzan Collins believed she could ensure good care for her mother, and her family relied on her to do so. She was actually delivering training on best practice when she was first contacted with the news her mother had broken her leg at her nursing home and been transferred to hospital. This is the story of what followed – the gradual revelation of a whole ongoing chain of bad practice and poor care that Suzan, with all her knowledge and experience of ‘the system’, could not influence. In this highly topical book, Suzan shares her story from her personal and professional perspective and looks ahead to how we can all contribute to keeping vulnerable people in the health and social care system safe from harm.

BMC Full cover

Available in paperback and Kindle at larger book shops and on Amazon.


UK:  http://goo.gl/L4zBFd

USA: http://goo.gl/rhwBiI

Canada: http://goo.gl/FZs6Pp

Aus: http://goo.gl/0ifHLS

Italy: http://goo.gl/nuzYya

France: http://goo.gl/WLLHK5

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