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Ten years ago today I was sat at this very desk typing emails to my work colleagues in London asking if they were okay. They were extremely shocked about what had happened but fortunately were not physically injured. I was also fielding calls and emails asking where I was and a great relief to all when I said I was working from home and sat in my office.

I watched the news in horror. I was very lucky. I had travelled on the circle line between Liverpool St and Aldgate the previous morning, and at the same time of the bomb going off.

Making the decision to return to London the following week wasn’t an easy one but I, along with other commuters, had to show resilience and courage and refused to let hate define us.

A week later some of the carnage was still there for us to see as we followed a diverted route. We gasped as we saw one of the tube carriages on top of the one in front.

The TV news will cover a lot today on what happened and in my heart I will reach out to all those who were affected: those that lost their lives, suffered life changing injuries (physically and/or mentally) and to thank those that helped on the day, the emergency services and the general public.

Thank you xx

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