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1st Annual East Anglian Author Fair/ Pop-up Bookshop 2015

Readers, writers, lovers of books, fiction, non-fiction, agents and publishers… come one, come all.

New and established authors, some reading their work but all showcasing their books.

Dates: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July 2015.

Venue: The Coconut Loft Art Gallery, 8 Waterloo Rd, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR33 0AA. Tel: 01502  521845

Time: 10 am – 4pm. And after a successful Saturday, why not join the authors and unwind with fish and chips on a Blue Flag beach just 100 metres from the gallery, and on the Sunday an Italian ice cream.

Pop up bookshop~The Journal 24th July 2015


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This is my cat, Chatty Cat, a rescue cat. She was called Twinkle but as she chats a lot, she is now called Chatty Cat. Or Chatty to her friends.

?????? ??????

And this is Straycat.

Walking up the path~May 2015  Gizmo with a tracker

Straycat is the nickname I have given this lovely cat. He is my ex-neighbours cat. When they moved they took him with them and every time he finds his way back here one of his owners comes and picks him up. On average he comes back here 5 weeks or so after he’s been taken home. He is very happy in his new home but also likes to come here. I brought this Cat-Den for Chatty Cat (just in case one day she was out and it rained and I was out, as well). I also thought that Straycat could use it too. I knew that Straycat couldn’t come and live here, not only does his owners love him dearly but also Chatty Cat gets stressed if there is another cat around.

Cat house~10th May 2015 Asleep in the cat den~6th July 2015

The owner bought a GPS tracking device and placed it on Straycat’s collar. His last journey over to my house was tracked. Look at the pic, he travelled some miles from his house (A) to mine (B). Sensible cat, he stuck to the paths. Gizmos journey from his house to mine~July 2015 Chatty and Gizmo~12th July 2015 Straycat and Chatty Cat, I’m sure they’re conversing telepathically!

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Whether you are trade or self published your book(s) will not automatically go into your local library or any library.

To get your book(s) into the library you or a member of the public could ask them to stock it, or you could give them a free copy. Even if you do not do this your book could be in a library without you knowing.

It is important that you apply for Public Lending Rights (PLR). This will enable you to receive payment each time your book is taken out of the library. It is not a lot of money but if your books are taken out regularly the money will mount up.

To apply visit https://www.plr.uk.com/

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Ten years ago today I was sat at this very desk typing emails to my work colleagues in London asking if they were okay. They were extremely shocked about what had happened but fortunately were not physically injured. I was also fielding calls and emails asking where I was and a great relief to all when I said I was working from home and sat in my office.

I watched the news in horror. I was very lucky. I had travelled on the circle line between Liverpool St and Aldgate the previous morning, and at the same time of the bomb going off.

Making the decision to return to London the following week wasn’t an easy one but I, along with other commuters, had to show resilience and courage and refused to let hate define us.

A week later some of the carnage was still there for us to see as we followed a diverted route. We gasped as we saw one of the tube carriages on top of the one in front.

The TV news will cover a lot today on what happened and in my heart I will reach out to all those who were affected: those that lost their lives, suffered life changing injuries (physically and/or mentally) and to thank those that helped on the day, the emergency services and the general public.

Thank you xx

7~7 bombing victims' memorial

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I know you don’t spell ‘writery’ like that but I say it so I wrote it. And it is an exciting time…

Last November I led a set of writing workshops and had the fabulous authors/tutors: Glynis Smy, Ann Bowyer, Rosy Thornton, Jayne-Marie Barker  and Jo Wilde run some sessions. 6 of the writers set themselves a challenge to write and self-publish before July 10th. I decided to join them in this challenge. We decided on the name Waveney Author Group (WAG) as we all live within the Waveney area.

Our first meeting was at The Coconut Loft Art Gallery and we were grateful for the support of The Journal newspaper who came to do an article on us and took this picture.

Group photo~24th Jan 2015

The Coconut Loft Art Gallery became our place to meet. Firstly on a monthly basis and now we meet on a weekly basis to enable the writers to achieve their goal. The Coconut Loft Art Gallery is a great place to write, an inspiring place that not only sells lovely food but also Richard and Gina, the owners, are always willing to help, whether it be to help one of the writer’s sort her blurb out or help another writer sort her page layout.


The owners Gina and Richard watching new author Pam Finch press the button and upload her work to Create Space (and within a short space of time her book, Minho Moments, was on Amazon).


Gina helping a writer with her formatting.

Helen and Enid~WAG Meeting Coconut Loft~11th May 2015

Helen Thwaites helping her mum with her tablet.

Helen, Helen and Enid~WAG Meeting Coconut Loft~11th May 2015

Enid and Helen Thwaites and Helen Meneghello.

Helen, Pam, Richard and Enid~WAG Meeting Coconut Loft~11th May 2015

Richard helping Pam Finch with her blurb (watched by Helen and Enid)

Pam Helen Enid and I at the coconut loft~June 2015

Helen Thwaites, Me (Suzan Collins), Enid Thwaites and Pam Finch writing in The Smugglers’ Gallery.


Enid Thwaites, Helen Thwaites, Bronwen Grono, Pam Finch, Helen Meneghello, Me (Suzan Collins) and Jo Wilde.

All writers have either now published their books or will in the next week or so. #excitingtimes

The Waveney Author Group will be joining other authors at the pop-up bookshop at The Coconut Loft this July. For more info please go to www.getwriting.co.uk

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