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Care Quality Commission will look at whether visits are long enough to respond to people’s needs, Norman Lamb announces the guardian newspaper 17th Oct 2013.

Some councils provide these 15 minute visits for the carer to remind the individual to take their medication. 15 minutes to remind an individual to do this would normally be okay, but if the client wants to chat because s/he hasn’t seen anyone all day, thus requiring longer than the 15 minutes, this can have an impact on other clients times.

If these 15 minute home visits are for more than reminding an individual to take medication then the time needs to be lengthened.

What can a carer do within 15 minutes? Bearing in mind they need:

X no of minutes to greet client and ask how they are

X no of minutes to put covers over their shoes [to protect clients carpets if clients request this]

X no of minutes to read care plan [and discuss if needed, and/or ring the office if there is a discrepancy]

X no of minutes to converse with client

X no of minutes to wash hands thoroughly [or use hand gel] before and afterwards

X no of minutes to write up the care plan.

Some carers have back to back appointments with no travelling time in between clients, thus, may turn up at client’s house late. Another reason for turning up late is if there has been a problem with the previous client, e.g. a sudden fall, client feeling depressed, client refusing personal care when client first arrives, they want it just as the carer is writing in the care plan, ready to leave, to go onto another client. Or they have a sudden need to use the toilet as the carer is about to leave.

If the carer has to stay longer with one client this will impact on the time for the next client and the client after that and so on.

The time given to the client needs to include time to carry out the above and time to provide actual support, and enough travel time to enable the carer to get from one client to the next.


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Well done to Mears Care, in South Parade which provides home care and support services to over 160 people. They  provide  a great service and this is reflected in them receiving full marks by the Care Quality Commission.

‘A Doncaster care home have just been awarded full marks by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following an unannounced inspection.

‘The CQC gave the team full marks in the following five areas; care and welfare of people who use services, consent to care and treatment, complaints, assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision and cooperating with other providers.

The CQC spoke with people who used the service and relatives with people saying they thought staff were polite and had a good understanding of their support needs.

One person stated; “I know one day I may have to go into a care home but with the help of Mears’ carers I am able to manage at home.”’


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